Best Motivational Speaker for Bouncing Back from Failure.
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Vaughn “Coach” Edmeade has firsthand experience with life’s difficulties.


Vaughn Edmeade is a pastor, author, motivational speaker, and business owner who impacts lives daily.  He was an average kid with a decent upbringing.  While this should have set him up for success, his comfortable lifestyle caused him to become complacent.  He would eventually experience major failures in the areas of education, employment, and marriage.


Unlike many who have a story of rags to riches, Vaughn’s story is one where the main character, himself, started out pretty well but had a pretty hard fall.  However, he has since learned not only to turn things around but he’s begun to show others how to avoid the pitfalls that he experienced.


This is why he developed the Average Is Failure brand.  Through the brand Vaughn has spoken to thousands at major universities such as St. John’s University in Queens, New York and Rutgers University in New Jersey.  He has spoken at numerous churches, community events, small businesses and has also helped dozens of people to find and walk in their in a one-to-one fashion.

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“Average is failure” – Coach Vaughn

Average is Failure book by Vaughn Edmeade


“I Learned the Hard Way”


Average is Failure is an empowerment brand that seeks to use EDUTAINMENT (education + entertainment) to inspire people to be intentional about overcoming obstacles and finding their purpose in order to live to their maximum potential.


The brand includes the book entitled “Average Is Failure”: I Learned the Hard Way, the Average Is Failure clothing line, the Average Is Failure empowerment presentations and workshops, and the Average Is Failure weekly YouTube episodes.


This must-read book is a narrative based on the life of its author Vaughn Edmeade.  While a narrative it is also a personal development book. Vaughn has taken the very real stories of his life and shows you the principles that he has learned and challenges his readers to apply the information to their own lives.


Get FREE weekly Young Professional Life Skills resources from Coach Vaughn.


Average Is Failure motivational speech.


Based on the narrative of Vaughn journey of failure to triumph; Success Is Intentional Workshop- Here audiences learn how to discover their purpose and live with intention; sermons for your church or faith based organization.

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Get FREE weekly Young Professional Life Skills resources from Coach Vaughn.