About Us

Almost a decade ago, I found myself in frustrating circumstances. I had a degree but couldn't find a "real" job, was going through what would eventually end in divorce, and more money seemed to be flowing out than coming in. I was really beginning to feel like I had lost my way.

But, in 2011, in the middle of one of my lowest points, God reintroduced some people into my life that changed my mindset in just one night. It felt like I had been walking around with blinders on. I realized that there was a lot more in me that I had not tapped into yet. But, I still couldn't quite figure out what the unifying theme was that had led to some of the recent failures I had experienced.

Then, in 2012, a friend tweeted "average is the new failure." It immediately occurred to me that this fully represented what my challenges had been. Some people experience failure because they've done some egregious act. But, I realized my failures had come simply because I had settled for mediocrity and being average.

Over the years many others have related to the phrase "average is failure" and I decided to turn the phrase into a brand for all those who know there's more in them.

It's been quite a journey building this brand, filled with ups and downs and every moment has been valuable. I've learned so much and consider it a privilege to build something that I pray brings people value in their fashion and style, but even more so, I hope it inspires them to maximize the full God-given potential within them. And by "them", I mean YOU.

Now let's get it!

- Vaughn