The Story


I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this process and journey; we have the opportunity to work in partnership with God and make His peace known.

I've always been fascinated with publishing my creativity to the world so that others can engage with it. For years I did that through music. But, beginning in 2012, that turned to toward building a motivational empowerment brand for young adults in urban spaces where I did numerous speeches at colleges, churches, high schools, and community organizations. This also gave me the opportunity to learn how to create captivating apparel designs that people loved. This initial phase of the movement was known by many as Average is Failure.

Fast forward 8 years later - I realized that there was still something missing. The year 2020, which left the world dazed in so many ways, simultaneously brought clarity to the brand's mission. With the social injustices that so vividly took the life of black people and with the fear of a fast spreading pandemic the likes of which our generation had never experienced, I realized that the world needed more than mere motivation -- we needed salvation. So it was at that time that we transformed from AIF to GNH, namely, Good New for the Hood.

Under this new title it has been our goal to highlight the brilliance and value of black people in the Image of God. We aim to magnify the already enormous contributions of Black Christians to the gospel in both theology and practice.

But, most of all, we want everyone who puts on our apparel to feel like they are wearing messages and designs they can believe in. While our goal is to show forth the authentic gospel, we do not want to sacrifice authentic urban street fashion in the process.

We want to make both Christ and the Culture proud.

Thank you for rocking with us!

Grace & Peace,

- Vaughn (Founder & CEO)