About Us

It was 10 years ago when the seeds of this brand began to develop. We started as a purely motivational brand trying to elevate black youth and young adults to put in the work to achieve the life they wanted. We will always believe in putting in the sweat equity needed to achieve the career and lifestyle that is possible for you.

However, we...I...felt like there was still something missing. The more I pondered is the more I couldn't shake the feeling that the purpose of my work is supposed to be centered around the good news aka the gospel of Jesus Christ as told in the Bible.

Interestingly enough 2020 led to better visional clarity for the brand, even during one of the most uncertain times in modern Western history. The continued injustices against black and brown people during a world wide pandemic made it clear to me, and to us, that the world is in need of more than motivation; we're in need of transformation, particularly that of the heart. And so, Average is Failure experienced its own transformation out of which was birthed Good News for the Hood.

It's our prayer that our products and content serve you to help you live out your calling as an Image of God in every aspect of your life and on every day of your life and that you would help to bring heaven on earth.

Now let's get it!

- Vaughn