My Story

Who I Am

I'm Vaughn Edmeade, aka Coach Vaughn. In my professional career I've served as a career development coach where I helped people with the self-awareness, resume writing, job interviewing, and other tools to help them land the right job. 

I've also served as a case and program manager using the principles of motivational interviewing and stages of change to assist people in identify, articulating and taking steps toward meaningful goals in both their personal and professional life. This is also where I learned what it was like when leadership moves from theory to practice.

For four years I operated in pastoral roles in small churches where more and more I wrestled with how to help people not only hears sermons from week-to-week, but to see life through the lens of the gospel and allow it to shape their daily lives.

Lastly, I'm a lover of branding and entrepreneurship.  I've had the opportunity of working on my own brand while offering strategies and insights to other people starting side-hustles and micro businesses. I mainly focus on helping people gain clarity on their idea and then determine strategies to get it started with minimal resources.

My Story

My own journey is what birthed this brand. I had experienced failure in education, relationships, and work, all within a short timespan. When I looked back over my life, the common theme wasn't that I was a bad guy. I got along with everyone and had the smarts and ability to achieve anything I wanted to. However, my talent wasn't enough to beat my mediocre approach to life.

Along with my own mediocrity, I realized that as a young man there was a lot about the real world that school didn't quite prepare me for. Much of my growth required my own intentional pursuit of the knowledge and skills that helped me climb out of mediocrity and begin experiencing the results of intentionally putting my best foot forward.

The most important experience I've gained has been the chance to use what I've learned (much of it through trial and error) to help others avoid pitfalls and minimize barriers to their success.